The Three Principles Mastermind

with Fiona Lukeis

Explore the keys to transformation, wellbeing and
fulfilment in your life.

Next round starting April 2018

  • Are you ready to take your understanding and personal experience of the Three Principles to a deeper, richer level?
  • Are you ready to expand your capacity for wellbeing and fulfilment in every area of your life, regardless of your circumstances?
  • Are you ready to tap into the power of collaboration with a connected group of like-minded people?

What is The Three Principles Mastermind?

The Three Principles Mastermind is a six-month online program designed to dive deeper into the understanding behind the principles of the human experience.

This is an intimate group, with limited places available, and is tailored personally to the needs of the participants so I can ensure everyone has the space and opportunity to get what they need from the program.

Over the course of the program:

  • You will explore the nature of the Three Principles at a much deeper level so you can have a clear understanding of how to uncover your true potential with the aid of a calm, peaceful and insightful mind.
  • You will connect with the source of your effortless creativity, resilience, inspiration and clarity.
  • You will delve deeper into the truth of feeling fulfilled and at ease with life, no matter the circumstances.
  • You will learn how to create an inner environment for wisdom, inspiration, productivity, engagement and connection with life and others.

The Three Principles Mastermind will focus on:

  • How to create true long-lasting transformation, fulfilment and wellbeing.
  • How to create the life experience that's perfect for YOU.
  • How to share and facilitate the keys to true wisdom with others in any type of setting - both professionally and personally.

We all know the power of collaboration within a connected group of like-minded, open people. This picture from the Time To Shine retreat in Byron Bay last year captures the spirit of this and more. I can't wait to explore what is possible for you over our six months together.

The Time to Shine Retreat 2017

If you want to be a part of this very special Mastermind, which I only offer once a year, click on the payment buttons below to get started.

Places are strictly limited so I can ensure that everyone has the space to get what they need.

The Three Principles Mastermind program outline:

  • Fortnightly videos exploring the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.
  • Fortnightly one-hour group calls via Zoom, where I lead and facilitate an in-depth group discussion around the content of the videos and how this applies in your life.
  • A membership site with lifetime access to all reference and support material including videos, call recordings, resources and interviews.
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group, where I will personally be present and active, doing regular Facebook Lives and answering your questions.
  • Recorded interviews with other Three Principles teachers around the world, on a variety of topics.

The Time to Shine Retreat 2017

The Three Principles Mastermind is for you if:

  • You want to learn how real and long-lasting transformation is created in yourself and others.
  • You want to discover how to access your own innate wisdom, creativity, clarity and resilience.
  • You want to learn how to move through old limiting paradigms and day-to-day stress and overwhelm.
  • You are a coach and you’re looking at becoming a Three Principles Practitioner.
  • You have just begun to look in the direction of the Three Principles and wish to to deepen your understanding.
  • You want to learn how to effectively articulate what the Three Principles is all about, and be able to confidently share what you’ve learned from looking in this direction.

Fiona Lukeis

Fiona Lukeis is founder of The Relationship Place, a renowned couples coaching practice, and has been a leading coach and mentor in the Personal Development field for well over a decade.

Fiona is an experienced and gifted Three Principles Practitioner, Coach, Facilitator and Mentor. She is a graduate of the acclaimed year-long mentoring program with George and Linda Pransky, considered to be the most highly regarded teachers of The Principles in the world.

Fiona has worked with hundreds of men, women and couples, has developed and facilitated programs and events all over Australia as well as a Three Principle Mastermind, and is at the forefront of The Principles in Australia.

Live the power of The Principles of the human experience and discover more joy, love and fulfilment in your life.

If you want to be a part of this very special Mastermind, which I only offer once a year, click on the payment buttons below to get started.

Places are strictly limited so I can ensure that everyone has the space to get what they need.

"Fiona has given me the greatest gift.

Fiona gave me the tools that allow me to be in my natural state of wholeness at any time independent of external circumstances.

I was able to release control and yet trust and know that I would regain energy and motivation  to do and be "pulled" rather than be driven by fear and pushing in achieving what I wanted which had in the past resulted in unhappiness, exhaustion and little, if any fulfilment.

She and what she has given me has been the greatest gift.  My life will be forever changed. I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough.  I am forever grateful".

Martine Brooks
Martine Brooks Adelaide

“Since working with Fiona, My life has changed on quite an amazing level. I now relate to myself and my thoughts in a totally different way, in a way that offers such comfort, security, warmth and higher connection with myself and my way of being and thinking – when before my thoughts had the better of me, and could make my life miserable at times.

It's somewhat difficult to articulate my feelings after working with Fiona, the best way would be there's a feeling of oneness; and the knowledge that there is a pool of wisdom and innate health within me at all times is a wonderful comfort for me (in a non airy-fairy kind of way). It's an “all is good in the world” kind of feeling.”

Vanessa Aitken
Vanessa Aitken Melbourne

“When I heard about the retreat in La Conner WA something told me I had to go and I’m so grateful that I did. Initially I didn’t know anyone yet I felt such a strong connection to the ladies once we all met. I didn’t need to take notes, learn strategies all I did was sit there and listen. What I personally received from attending the retreat was very specific to me and it was the same for the others, which was astounding.

The feeling that we all sat in was something I have never experienced before and is difficult to put into words but I’ll try. The words that come to mind are: love, connection, peaceful, warmth, insightful, even full of life.

Working with Fiona has completely changed the way I see life now. It’s as if my past has been re-written, nothing changed yet everything is different.”

Jennifer Marr
Jennifer Marr Melbourne